Maybe a better question is: "What's the cost of expensive mistakes, missed opportunities, and wasted time?"

$5,000? $50,000? $100,000? 

Christopher Cummings, Business Strategy Advisor

Christopher Cummings, Business Strategy Advisor

Albert Einstein said that we won't solve a problem with the same thinking that got us into it.

Sometimes, you just need objective, expert perspective to help create or evaluate your business options. CMC+A creates new value for you by helping create or refresh your strategy, expand your business options, and objectively evaluate issues that matter to you. CMC+A works like "roadside assistance" for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Directors, Owners, Administrators, and other Senior Leadership who need customized business model generation or business process creation, evaluation, & improvement. I help you create, expand, clarify, or improve your: 

  • value proposition
  • revenue streams
  • cost structure
  • customer segmentation
  • distribution channels
  • key resources
  • business plan
  •  internal strengths & weaknesses
  • external opportunities and threats  

For about the rate of a personal trainer in Washington DC, you can get on-demand access to a business strategy consultant for prompt support of your competitive advantage. CMC+A is your indispensable business decision-making help desk. We are ready to back you up by delivering specific, actionable recommendations. See our service level agreement, then choose enough advice:

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